Kaneru Yuubou (有望兼 Yuubou Kaneru) is, likely, the first crippled UTAU to be designed in the fandom, created by RabidSyndrome and Milksake and voiced by Yasachii. Should the voicebanks be released in the order planned, Kaneru will be released after Naji and Naka, with her ACT2 bank available probably some time in spring.

Physical Details Edit

Age: Twelve (12)

Height: 4'4" (132.1 cm)

Weight: 79 lbs (35.8 kg)

Genre: Undecided

Voice Range: In-progress

Character Item: Strawberry melon bun

Etymology Edit

Kaneru's name mirrors her status as a paraplegic child and her unwavering spirit, with her last name carrying the meaning of "having hope," while her first means "being unable." She won't get better, but that won't stop her from singing her best, serving as a sort of example to look to the sky.

Personality Edit

Kaneru is a sweet little girl, liking baby animals, cartoons, and gentle things. She becomes shy very easily, but once being introduced, she tends to warm up to new people relatively quickly, showing her regular persona. She loves sweet food, like her character item and cake, and absolutely loves to talk. Despite this, her speaking voice is very soft, and her presence is apparently very forgettable, as the teenaged Sakuseiloids forget to bring her with them (or just leave her halfway through the trip, in worse cases) when they go somewhere. As such, she brings up the rear in most cases and always seems to be too late to the conversation to know what's going on. Despite her unfortunate luck and absent-minded family, she remains happy and spunky and enjoys singing with them all.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Kaneru was designed in a wheelchair due to a friend of RabidSyndrome's (Milksake) mentioning that there weren't any crippled UTAU available, not counting those trying to fit into the bandaged and/or broken categories. As such, she worked with RabidSyndrome to design an UTAU that had no use of their legs, thus resulting in little Kaneru.
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