Yuuta Warune (悪音ユータ Warune Yuuta) is an Act One Sakuseiloid from Series II, voiced by Keitocchi. His voicebank is complete and available for download, and he is compatible with both Hiragana and Romaji.

Physical DetailsEdit

Age: Fourteen (14)

Height: 5’2” (157.48 cm)

Weight: 115 lbs (52.3 kg)

Genre: Ballads

Voice Range: C3-C5 (for best quality, center on C4)

Character Item: Limes


Yuuta’s surname was actually the first thing chosen about him; the first part, “waru,” started off as a joke about he would sound (“waru” meaning bad, evil, or spiteful), and turned into the basis for his character. So, fully, his last name is “spiteful sound.” His first name was chosen because it just sounded nice, but after a bit of poking around, it was discovered the “yuu” in “Yuuta” could be written with the kanji for “tie,” as in “to tie one’s necktie.” This, ironically enough, was discovered after his design was finalized with a loose necktie.


Yuuta can be most easily compared to a small, yapping dog on most days. He takes offense to anything that so much as resembles a critique or criticism, unless it’s delivered by someone he honestly and truly likes – which is, of course, almost no one. Surprisingly enough, he doesn’t wake up angry, but it’s usually a bad start every morning that gets him in the sour mood he’s known for. Perhaps if someone woke him up the right way, he could get along with the others.

There is a good side to him somewhere in there, but it’s rarely shown and never to more than one person at a time.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Though he would never admit it himself, he's a brat because he's scared of and intimidated by those around him. If someone is taller, more experienced, or tougher than he, he will either avoid them or actively seek to pick a fight until he has warmed up to them.
  • He would love to have a little sister, but doesn't think he could stand having a little brother.
  • Keitocchi is honestly surprised there are fans aside from her for the (actually very cracky) pairing of Naka/Yuuta.


  • Naka Karamarune – Yuuta’s most hated “enemy.” Out of all the people he dislikes (or tries to), Naka is the one who really gets his goat. Just as Naka would like to shove Yuuta in a wood chipper at the first opportunity, Yuuta would like to punt him off a cliff if they ever come close to one. Somewhere deep down, he thinks that if one of them would let up, they could (sort of) stop fighting, but Yuuta swears he’ll never be the one to give in. (Secretly, he thinks Naji is cute, and is a little frustrated that he feels he has to dislike her by association.)