Yumekou Tsutanai (拙い夢公 Tsutanai Yumekou) is the fifth planned Sakuseiloid of Series One, coming after Kaneru and paving the way for Funinjou. He is the first Sakuseiloid to be based almost completely off of a living person unassociated with UTAU Sakusei with Fuu being the second.

Physical Details Edit

Age: Twenty (20)

Height: 5'9" (175.2 cm)

Weight: 132 lbs (59.9 kg)

Genre: Undecided

Voice Range: In-progress

Character Item: Undecided

Etymology Edit

Yumekou's name was something of a gag. The person Yuu was designed after is well-regarded as being attractive, polite, friendly, and well-mannered with just about no opposition to it. He's also, sadly, known for being a complete space-case and accident-prone. Due to a past story, we intended to give Yumekou a name that emcompassed this in an easy way to see if he would notice it. His name, hence, translates to "Clumsy Dream Prince," following the Japanese standard for names.

Personality Edit

Yuu is loud and outgoing, with a penchant for dramatics and emotional over-exaggeration. He never passes up the chance to talk to a stranger, a firm believer in the sense that everyone's likable if you give them a shot. He's an optimist to the extreme, finding good in every situation. When he can't, however, he'll focus on existing good things to cheer up himself or others. It's incredibly rare to see him seriously upset or angry, as he just doesn't work that way. But that doesn't necessarily mean that he's not capable of it. Yuu's negative emotions come through with a lot of power and are always well-deserved, and it's not uncommon, during these situations, to see him as a psychopath.

Yuu, despite his status and age, is treated much like the group's punching bag. He's an easy target, as he'll usually be hurt more by an offhand comment and retreat to a corner with the waterworks a-flowin', and they all take advantage of it, whether they mean to or not. Yumekou also takes the role of Sakusei's "mother" figure, with a natural talent for cooking, keeping order, and resolving issues. Unfortunately, that tends to lead to a lot of pain on his part, as getting involved in these activities give him an attachment to the items in the house, which tend to be utterly destroyed on a regular basis.

He gets very involved in what he does, and he's the one responsible for choreographing the family's performances. Costumes, dance routines, and anything involving the performance itself is something he takes pride in doing.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Despite Yumekou being based off of a living person, it's still unknown whether that person will be voicing him or not.
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Relations Edit

  • Funinjou Doukatsu: Best friend and confidant. Yuu's very fond of Fuu and can see through his icy exterior better than most. He can clearly understand the man's limited expressions and does what he can to get the others to understand and appreciate him in turn.
  • Naka Karamarune: Usually, Yuu is the victim of Naka's temper in a roundabout way; whatever Naka breaks in one of his fits, Yuu is usually fond of it, or it was expensive. In a similar sense, Naka tends to beat on Yumekou on accident, such as by bringing his arm back to hit someone and hitting Yuu on the draw-back. However, Naka has high respect for him and is generally much kinder and much more well-behaved around Yuu than he is towards the other Sakuseiloids.
  • Anju Mayashima: Despite Yumekou's status as a prince type, Anju is more or less the de facto piece of royalty in the project and expects to be treated as such. Yuu humors her, as he does all of the younger Sakuseiloids, but she tends to rain hell on his head when his clumsy nature ends up ruining her waffles in the mornings. Poor guy.