Anju Mayashima (マヤシマアンジュ Mayashima Anju) is technically the first Sakuseiloid to be released. However, due to difficulties, her actual voice bank has not been available to the public, nor has her character design. Though in alpha stages of her voice bank, she is expected to be fully available sometime in February 2010, her Act2 soon after. She is created by Azure.

Physical Details Edit

Age: Sixteen (16)

Height: 5'2" (--- cm)

Weight: --- lbs (--.- kg)

Genre: Undecided.

Voice Range: In-progress

Character Item: Waffles

Date of Creation (Birthday): January 19th, 2009

Etymology Edit


Personality Edit

Anju wants to be 'awesome.' In earlier appearances, she would tell off any of the males (such as Kamui Gakupo or others of the sort) who 'sparkled' and would rebel by appearing with blinding strobe lights. She appears as a normal, maybe slightly eccentric person, but really just wants to be close to everyone and doesn't like fighting. However, a glitch in her programming (known as redQueen . exe) causes her to have a desire to rule to world, sending her into a sort of 'domniatrix/tyrant' personality. This was partially based off Aku no Musume, a popular Vocaloid song by Kagamine Rin. She has an odd affinity for waffles, to calling a microwave the 'Magical Warm-Warm Box' and a toaster the 'Magical Waffle Spitter,' or similar names. She also has a primary weakness, romance. When meeting someone who supposedly might be coming on to her, she begins to stutter madly and blush. This is amusing to others, assuming.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Mayashima Anju was originally Suzune Fuku, created for a roleplay account on deviantART. However, later into the year of 2009, it was discovered that Mayashima Anju was a mistranslation and Suzune Fuku was the rightful name. With this, Mayashima Anju did not technically exist. It was then when Azure decided to make Anju into an UTAU.
  • Azure had to change Anju's character design a total of seven times before coming to something workable.
  • Anju apparently has a rotting, disgusting shed hidden somewhere which supposedly is the entrance to 'her castle and kingdom, the Red lands.' Whether this is true is unknown to all, and possibly even her.

Relations Edit

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