UTAU Sakusei would be nothing if there wasn't a group of people dedicated to their performance and Singing Creations. This page has a summary of each UTAU's creator, voice donor, and a bit about them and their roles in the project.

Series I Edit


Azure, previous known here as SAh, is the original creator of UTAU Sakusei. She came up with the idea for an UTAU group and took most of the responsibility in setting up both the official site and this Wikia, while she maintains and updates the main site as necessary. Her voice makes up Mayashima Anju's voicebank, and she is the central figure in this community.


RabidSyndrome is one of the co-creators of the project. They are primarily in charge of character art and maintaining the Wikia. Their voice was used in the creation of the Karamarune siblings voicebanks. They're the one with the most plans for the program and how to promote Sakusei. Ironically, they find it unbelievable that some of them already have fanbases before release is even thinkable.


Mari is a voice donor for Sakusei. She joined the project on the day of creation with her in-progress Utau, Tarine Tsukiko. Mari is a dedicated singer, as can be witnessed on her YouTube channel.


Yasachii is another voice donor for Sakusei. The UTAU designed by RabidSyndrome (and Milksake, from deviantART), was lacking a voice, and she responded to the request immediately. Yasachii, like Mari, is an amateur singer on YouTube, collecting constructive criticism and comments from other users to improve her style.

Series IIEdit


Keitocchi is a voice donor for UTAU Sakusei, responsible for Yuuta Warune's voice here. However, she's also a very capable user of the UTAU program and has detailed knowledge and skill with .otos, voicebanks, .USTs, and other such things, which quickly established her as an invaluable member of the team.