Naka Karamarune (絡音なか Karamarune Naka) is one of two siblings released in Set Three of Series One. His Act One voicebank is currently in-progress, and it is hoped that both his and Naji's final voicebanks will be released some time in 2010. Both he and his sister are voiced by RabidSyndrome.

Physical Details Edit

Age: Eighteen (18)

Height: 5'7" (170.2 cm)

Weight: 132 lbs (59.9 kg)

Genre: Undecided

Voice Range: In-progress

Character Item: Tennis racket

Etymology Edit

Naka's name started as a joke, in all honestly. His sister was named and designed first, and her name spawned from a typo of "Mako," which is an alias of RabidSyndrome's. "Naji" can mean "intimacy," and after trying to change the name and coming up short, it was decided that it would be easier to go with the grain rather than against it, and a lucky search revealed that "relationship" can be translated to "Naka," which looks similar to Naji. It worked well. Their last name can translate, loosely, to "an entwined sound," from "karamaru," which means "to be entwined," and "ne," meaning sound. The name itself implies nothing about their relationship, and is nothing more than a long-standing joke, as said.

Personality Edit

Naka's personality is completely based around the Pesci trope. Everything is prone to upset him in some way or another, usually in the sense that they're stupid and he has to fix it. However, he rarely does attempt to fix it, instead ignoring the situation. This applies especially if the situation involves someone he knows. He has a sort of sempai complex in regards to Yumekou and his partner and will act surprisingly eager and gung-ho in an effort to win their approval. In regards to younger UTAU or those he does not like, however, he doesn't care if he hurts their feelings. Fist fights are common if he has even a hint of reason to start them. As expected, he's quite a sore loser when he does end up with the short end of the stick, whenever that might be. Naka is a relatively strong boy, after all.

Fun Facts Edit

  • RabidSyndrome is actually far more confident in Naka's voicebank than Naji's. They also find it hilarious that Naka essentially had his own fanbase established and grown before his concept art was even finished, let alone his voicebank.
  • Despite being designed last and all the complications that came with his design, Naka's personality was very easy to think through and design, and it also seems to the be the more rounded one out of the two. It was essentially settled before his appearance was.
  • Naka has a heart fetish, but only towards humans. Mechanical/robotic hearts don't phase him; they just make him upset.
  • Both Naji and Naka have two screens in their arms -- one on the forearm, one on the upper arm -- that can fold up like laptops which they use to access their details. All information that you would see on the atypical sleeve-screens can be viewed there. There are also buttons below the forearm screen forming a sort of "keyboard" that they can use to cycle through different details. Naka's are in his right arm.
  • Naka's sunglasses are very weak prescription lenses. He does need them, but he will never admit it and will avoid wearing them unless he can pass it off as a normal excuse for sunglasses (i.e.: a sunny day; glare in the room).
  • His design was inspired by glow-in-the-dark decorations to further compliment Naji, who was designed off of fiber optic lamps and lights.
  • Naka has gone through the second-most redesigns out of the entirety of UTAU Sakusei, coming in at about five remakes. Ironically, he seems to be the most popular Sakuseiloid up to this point.


  • Naji Karamarune: His little sister by an exact year and the proclaimed bane of his existence. She has no problems with him (aside from normal sibling peeves), but he feels that he really cannot stand her. Since they are siblings, he puts up with her, but as soon as he feels that she's becoming an annoyance, he starts trying to find an excuse to get her away from him.
  • Yumekou Tsutanai: Despite all of his clumsiness and ridiculous behavior, Naka is essentially blindsided to most of it and treats him with a great deal of respect, offering to run errands and do chores that will help the older UTAU in some way. However, that does not mean that Yumekou is except from Naka's temper. Naka will yell and spit and hiss if something goes wrong or Yumekou does something stupid such as fall down the stairs or drop food or something fragile.
  • Yuuta Warune - Younger acquaintance and probably the first person Naka would like to shove into a wood chipper if given the chance. He can find nothing likable about Yuuta at all, and the sentiment is returned. The two constantly fight in every way from arguing at the breakfast table to tearing up yards, usually causing some sort of damage to something or someone, with most of that damage ironically affecting Yumekou the most.