Naji's official art, drawn by RabidSyndrome.

Naji Karamarune (絡音ナジ Karamarune Naji) is one of two siblings released in Set Three of Series One. Her Act One voicebank is currently in-progress, and it is hoped that both hers and Naka's final voicebanks will be released some time in 2010. Both she and her brother are voiced by RabidSyndrome.

Physical Details Edit

Age: Seventeen
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 114 lbs (51.7 kg)
Genre: Undecided
Voice Range: In-progress

Etymology Edit

Naji's first name came from a typo of one of RabidSyndrome's nicknames. "Mako" was typed as "Naji" somehow, and it seemed like a good fit for their only UTAU-in-progress at the time. It stuck, and only later was it discovered that "naji" is actually a word in Japanese that can mean "intimacy." By this point, it couldn't be backtracked, so instead of working against the grain, they kept it as it was and added to the joke. "Karamarune," their family name, translates loosely to "an entwined sound". Naka's name was chosen along these lines, as well, which was a nice irony, since a smooth fit wasn't anticipated.

Personality Edit

Naji is considered the friendly child of the bunch. She lacks common sense in a variety of ways, but she's got a large heart and lets that lead her through life. Charity cases hit her hard, and she will almost always approach the afflicted person (even if it's something as small as tripping and falling on the sidewalk in front of people) and ask how she can help. It's easy to take advantage of her, in that sense. Say you hurt your ankle and she'll work like a dog covering all of your chores and taking care of you until you say it's better. It's pretty pathetic, really. On a different note, she can be very petty in regards to her family and will often do things to bother people when they upset her, such as tip their breakfast onto the floor or booby-trap their doors. But it's all small things; she's not a nasty person and there is no chance of arguing otherwise.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Naji and Naka have two screens embedded in their arms -- one in the forearm, one in the upper arm -- that work much like the sleeves of other VOCALOID/UTAU do. They have the appearance of something like laptops, flipping up to reveal information and processes. There are buttons that they can use to access different information. Naji's screens are located on her left arm.
  • She was first designed to be the second UTAU in the Sakusei series, following Anju, but due to Mari's progress on Tsukiko's voicebank being much farther along (she was almost done before Naji's design was even really finalized), she was dropped back to be the third release, along with her brother.
  • Her hair, originally, was supposed to be made of fiber optic cables, hence the shape and style. Due to complications and color issues, it was demoted to a more glowing material while the fiber optics were retained on the tops of her headphones. In that vein, her design was originally inspired by fiber optic decorations, which led to Naka being based off of glow-in-the-dark decor.

Relations Edit

  • Naka Karamarune: Her older brother by a full year and the one who probably associates with her most. He finds her annoying and impossible to understand; she finds him mean and in need of a tickling. They very rarely see eye-to-eye, and it bothers her, as she holds no ill feelings towards him other than the default sibling annoyances. It drives her nuts to know that he will argue and mess up everything she does with his stubborn refusal, and she drags him along with her in an effort to get him to change. It doesn't do much.
  • Kaneru Yuubou: Kaneru's condition touches her heart, and she has made it her personal goal to make the little girl happy and comfortable. Unfortunately, with Naji's attention span, she tends to forget Kaneru when there is something interesting happening, and the poor girl is left to cry after them to wait for her and roll her way to them. In the worst cases, Naji ends up at the target area or back home before remembering that she left her behind.