Funinjou Doukatsu (獰活不人情 Doukatsu Funinjou) is the sixth Sakuseiloid to be designed, being created on a whim to round out Series One. Like Yumekou, he was based off of one of RabidSyndrome and Azure's friends. As such, he may also need a fitting voice donor, although this has yet to be decided.

Physical Details Edit

Age: Twenty-one (21) Height: 5'11" (180.3 cm)

Weight: 148 lbs (67.1 kg)

Genre: Undecided

Voice Range: In-progress

Character Item: Bound writing book with a quill pen.

Etymology Edit

Fuu's name was the hardest for RabidSyndrome and Azure to come up with. As explained below, everything about him was absolutely a chore, but his name certainly comes in at second place. However, his finalized name translates roughly to "Unkind Spiteful Energy," referring to his appearance and the way he comes across to other people. This was done so as to have others experience the same sense of forboding others would upon meeting him. With a scary name and appearance and no understanding on his personality, it works to create a generally negative appeal.

Personality Edit

Funinjou's personality is layered, for the most part. He comes across as very harsh and nasty, seeming scary to those around him due to his lack of visible expression most of the time (he doesn't show when he's happy nearly as often as he does when he's angry), and as such, he prefers to keep to himself. Fuu is very faithful and loyal to his friends, comparable to a stone guardian or golem, but absolutely terrifying towards enemies. He shows no mercy to those who hurt friends or anyone who can't protect themselves (Kaneru and Yumekou in particular) and has more than enough strength to make that attitude a dangerous thing indeed.

However, Fuu is inwardly very shy, and his silent attitude is due to this. He speaks little, even to people that could be considered friends, preferring instead to be by his own. He spends time writing in the suede-bound book he carries with him or reading from a library-sized collection of books in an effort to have an excuse not to interact. He only really interacts with Yumekou without effort, which makes sense, as the two are essentially close enough to be brothers.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Hardest character for RabidSyndrome and Azure to design. Period. For the longest time, it was impossible to even find a consistant flat idea that stuck for more than a few minutes. They even had to take turns trying to design him in an effort to recover brain function. This was likely due to the difficulties about designing a character that was based not only on a living person, but who had a very particular personality type as it was. Sometimes, it's hard to incorporate a person into something new when they already match so well.
  • The person Fuu is based off of is still unaware that he was the inspiration for him. It's become something of a running gag.
  • Several people ended up collaborating to finalize Fuu's design. The number currently stands at five.

 Relations Edit

  • Yumekou Tsutanai: Fuu's best friend and the one person he acts normally with. He's there to be the voice of reason in comparison to Yuu's eccentic manerisms, the one who bails him out of situations, and the one that protects him from whatever he needs to be saved from. And that's an understatement, really. It can be said that Fuu lives for Yumekou, like the prince's knight.
  • Kaneru Yuubou: Being the littlest and the youngest of the Sakusei branch and having a disability, Kaneru is more or less the definition of a wounded gazelle. Funinjou is very adamant about protecting her when she needs it, and will usually volunteer to sit with her or help her when he can. However, he tends to keep his distance due his nature, and she is scared of him, in turn.
  • Naka Karamarune: Naka has an undying respect for both Fuu and Yuu. His personality when around the two is almost a polar contrast to his usual behavior. He thinks that Funinjou is one of the coolest things in existence, and tends to get aggravated when people don't share his opinions. Fuu pretty much doesn't acknowledge the worship either way and continues to be aloof to the younger UTAU.